Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, Fish, Friends, Fun & Family

Happy Friday, everyone!  Even though I am loving my new job, nothing beats the weekend.  It is Spring, which means that I have lots I want (and some I need) to get done and hopefully still enjoy some good down time.  I'm not posting my list, what gets done gets done and I can talk about that later.  What doesn't get done just stays on the list.

We have our new TV all set up on the new TV stand in the living room.  Wait.  I mentioned that last week.  I didn't mention the party we had last weekend.  Oh, I did?  Well, it was fun and it was nice to see friends that we don't seem to see as much as we used to - but Summer is coming!  I guess this last week has been mostly work, sleep and computer for me.  For Kate it was work, sleep, cook, plan meals, look up recipes on her iphone and think about cooking.  Really, she should start a food blog - except I'm usually on the computer.  Hmm.

Speaking of Kate, she is out for fish with her dad right now.  Me, I really don't enjoy fish.  And I'm tired.  Waaah. Oh, I heard that someone in my immediate family had a surgery recently - and it wasn't me!  It seems my brother's gallbladder was disagreeing with him.  I remember when we were kids, his appendix was disagreeing with him.  Perhaps it is him who is disagreeable.  I wonder what's next?  Seriously, all my best to you, Kevin.  No horseplay with the kids for a few days and milk all the sympathy from the Mrs. that you can!  Ta!

Edit:  I almost forgot, I recently wished a fellow blogger a happy blogday and totally missed my own days later.  April 8 was three years and counting!

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