Thursday, April 12, 2012

Work, Work, Play - In A GOOD Way

It seems to have been busy this week.  Maybe not.

I just couldn't pass up a chance to post Milton!
This is my fourth week in my new position at work.  While the training will continue for a few more weeks, now I am just working at what I know and they are slowly introducing each new job and giving me time to do it and learn it.  Each week will bring a new task to learn now, otherwise I'll just be doing the normal work.  Tasks rotate between most of us weekly or daily, depending on the task. 

I still arrive with a smile on my face every day since the move up.  I was commenting to my wife about how everyone smiles at me and is helpful when I realized that, well, I'm always smiling at them so maybe that helps them smile back.  The work atmosphere is so much different, more professional than my old department.  I am very happy.  That's about all I'll say about that then.

We now have the new TV stand in the living room, all set up with the old TV on it.  Now we just have to swap it out when the new one arrives - it is finally ordered and should be here soon!  The old entertainment center is half deconstructed and away in the bin already, the rest is sitting on the porch waiting to be dismantled and disposed of, probably over the next two weekly pickups.

My wife has been busy all week doing all that she does for us and our home.  On top of that, we will be having several people over tomorrow evening for food, wine and entertaining.  It's acually a friend's party, she's just having it here and we are happy to oblige.

On a personal note, all our best goes out to our sick young cousin.  And happy homecoming to Grandma W!  Maybe me and Sis will make another trip to see the grandmas soon, while we luckily still can.

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Mom said...

Hi! It is so great to hear the cheeriness in your blog. We are so happy you are enjoying the new job position. Keep smiling!!