Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Pat's Day and Spring Plants

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Today I chose a cartoon selection from my favorite cartoonist, Dan Piraro over at Bizarro Blog to celebrate the day.

Spring is here!  Very early for us this year, but I'm lovin' it!  The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately, about 30 degrees above average and we have been setting record high temps every day.  With the change to Spring, I change jobs starting Monday.  Yesterday my coworkers picked on me all day, messing up my desk every time I left it to wander or go to break.  It actually made me feel really good that they cared enough to pay that much attention to me on my last day in the department.  A few of them even met me out after work to enjoy a few drinks (okay, a lot).  I will miss them, but I will still be in the same building so I'll still see them around now and again.

With the yard clean up done, we can just enjoy watching all the plants and flowers come to life.  Below is the back of the house.  You can see one lone yellow daffodil blooming among many other plants and bulbs bursting up.  To the left of the daffodil are irises and to the right are many random bulbs that were around the yard replanted here and those purple puffball plants that I don't know the name of.  Lost in the shadows on the left there are day lilies coming up.  As you can tell, last year I used the leaf mulch in the flowerbeds.  Hopefully that works out well so I can do that every year, I recycled almost all of the leaf litter from last year right here in our yard.

Also, every Spring we have these little purple flowers pop up in the back part of the yard. They're pretty and don't seem to hurt anything. In fact they pretty much disappear by the time I have to mow for the first time and then we won't notice anything again until next Spring.

Well, after my past couple of days, today is mostly a day of rest and relaxation.  Tomorrow may be the 'errand' day, and I still have the TV stand stuff to do.  My friend Jerome offered to help so I may take him up on that tomorrow, we'll see.  I hope wherever you are you are enjoying a nice Spring and not drinking cheap, green beer - blecchhh!

P.S.  Hopefully in a bit I will have the first garden blog post of the year, though there is not much to see yet.  Link is in the right column.

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