Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Changes, Inside And Out

Before I forget again, now is a good time to post the growth of the plants at the back of the house and compare to the photo I posted just 11 days ago.  Go here or scroll down a bit, and keep in mind we're still in March!  Peas are starting to sprout - the ones the squirrels missed, anyway - but more may be planted soon.  I'll wait a bit for an update there, but we do have more going on around here...

After almost two weeks, our dishwasher was installed this morning, yet it is still not completely finished.  It seems that plumbers aren't allowed anymore to hard wire a dishwasher or do any electrical work so we have to have an electrician in to put plugs in the electrical box under the sink.  Well, it works with an extension cord now, at least.

TV stand:  Unpacked pieces in front, packed version in background
And then there was the saga of the television stand.  It arrived originally in a pretty beat up box, but after unpacking the only problems were a chipped board and missing unique screw bolts.  The chipped board I was happy to overlook since I recovered 2 big pieces and it was in a hidden area anyway.  However, I could not completely build it without the special screw bolts.  Their packaging came open during shipment so I found several throughout the box as I was unpacking, obviously some were lost through the ends and/or the several gouges in the outer box.

After googling a phone number for, I called a very helpful agent, Angelo, I believe.  After exploring all avenues to get me the missing half dozen screw bolts, they had no option but to send me a whole other 114 lb. package.  I am to open it, take out what I need, tape it back up and ship it back before late April, all on their dime - about 70 bucks shipping one way.  In this pic you see the first one, unpacked, and leaning against some of the sliding glass door and the new one still in the box.  Getting that box back together again will be fun.  Remember, I all ready unpacked this once, I know the piece I need is toward one side and the hardware I need is in the exact middle of the box.  Anyway, it may not have been my ideal solution but Angelo worked hard to do anything else before resorting to this.  Great customer service, thank you Angelo at

So the plan is to get into and out of that box tomorrow or Friday night, then Jerome and Lisa are coming over on Saturday afternoon for assembly and grilled dinner.  I picture Jerome being 'Al' to my 'Tim - the Tool Man - Taylor.'  It should be fun!

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