Thursday, March 15, 2012

My 'Off' Day

I took today off from work.  Well, work that I get paid for anyway.  My day started about the same time it always does on a weekday, but instead of getting ready for work I read the paper and walked quietly until my wife got up for work.  After she was up and gone I finally showered, ready for what was supposed to be a very nice day.

I started by cleaning up and going to the hardware and grocery stores early, before they got busy.  By the time I got home and was putting away groceries it was already sweltering.  Well, as sweltering as 70 degrees and slightly foggy can be.  I removed some of the plastic we had covering some windows and opened up the house for what would be a very nice Spring day.  I went non-stop after that with yardwork and much more.  By the time I had knocked out much of my to-do list it was almost game time, at 1:10 the Badgers played.  This was after I had taken 2 showers and was on my fourth set of clothes.  On this 'day off' I worked my butt off in humidity that is unseen in March usually.  The high today was only 73 degrees but the humidity was nuts.  Pavement was actually wet, and in the shade it stayed like that until almost 4 o'clock this afternoon!  I managed to accomplish many odd jobs around here, but not anything to do with the TV stand.  That was just too much to fit in.

Still, none of it seemed to matter.  Sore as hell, I made a strong drink at the start of the Badger game and enjoyed it (the game and the drinks) immensely.  After all, I had been working non-stop, physically, all damn day.  In the mail, which arrived towards the end of the game, I got the PAIN DVD that I had been expecting, so when the game was done -and since it was supposed to be my off day- I enjoyed the hell out of that DVD, until my wife got home.

End of story.

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