Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hand In Hand

Well, I feel like I should apologize for the sporadic blogging lately but when I look it has been just once or twice a week for a while now.  Oh well, let's catch up. 

On one hand, our new TV stand/entertainment center was delivered today.  Just a box full of lots of pieces that need to be put together.
On the other hand, we have no new TV to put on it yet.  We do know what we want, though, so it is just a matter of ordering it, but there is also the little detail of moving, disassembling, and discarding the old, huge, entertainment center.

On one hand, my wife took a half day off today to be here for the delivery of our dishwasher.  Yes, we finally are getting a dishwasher.  When we first got the house we wanted to get one, then other things came up and we found that doing the dishes by hand wasn't so bad.  Since then I have had my share of surgeries and no longer stoop over the sink so Kate has been doing them all herself now for quite some time.
On the other hand, the plumber called this morning and said the carpenter can't make it here in the morning to remove the cabinet due to a health problem with his wife.  I had taken tomorrow off to be here for them and now have to decide if I will still take it off or if I will go in to work in the morning.   But there's a lot more to that...

On one hand, the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team opens March Madness as a number 4 seed against Montana early tomorrow afternoon, yard work could be done, and some of the aforementioned TV stand stuff could be done.  Also, a TV could get ordered, and I could take my first voluntary day off in a longer time than I can remember.
On the other hand, I have only one day I can use until I get my time back at the end of the month so I could go in and cancel my day off in the morning. Otherwise Kate would have to take another day off (presumably) next week when they can install the dishwasher.  I'll be in training at a new job for the next 2 months starting Monday,  so I would rather not miss a day when I've just joined the department.

Decisions, decisions.  I'm leaning toward taking the day off anyway tomorrow to get some of those things done around here.  Kate is okay with taking another day off for the workmen and, well, I deserve a day off.  So there!  The weather has been gorgeously sunny and warm lately so maybe I will post pics of the plants that are popping up... maybe we'll even have the first garden post of the year!

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