Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's New?

Well, what's new with me these days.  Time to start typing and see what comes out...
  • My back is feeling better finally.  I threw it out 3 weeks ago yesterday after clearing snow.  Yes, after clearing snow as I was kicking off my boots I felt that old familiar twang and knew I would be hurting for a while.  I was right.
  • Our white trash neighbor across the street tried to park me in this morning.  It is alternate side parking here for winter which limits the space somewhat but there is still plenty of room on the street for everyone.  I was the first car there last night, this morning the doughboy's car was about a foot off my back bumper.  The skank bartends and gets home in the wee hours so she surely saw that and intentionally backed her car up within about 2 feet of my front bumper.  (FYI, they have the only house on the block without a driveway or garage, though there is room to put one in.) Just a bit more and I would have called the cops to wake them up and move a vehicle.  As it was, it was a pain to get out.  They have been a pain to us ever since we moved in and she slashed my tire because she liked to park in front of our house and all of a sudden I started parking there. I took pictures in case I need them later.
  • Die Antwoord's new release, "Ten$ion" is out now (see last post).  I enjoyed listening to it twice today at work.  Still very good, very edgy, but maybe not as good as their first, "$o$."  It will surely grow on me, though.  They were on David Letterman the other night!
  • Our winter continues to be a very very mild one.  There hasn't been much snow, even now the ground is mostly clear, and temps have been mild, above freezing most days and even considerably above freezing some days.  I can't complain...  yet.  There's still time.
  • I've applied for a different position at my work, an upgrade, promotion if you will.  I really really hope I get it, I desperately need a change of scenery from the department I'm in now.  A year and a half ago I did get a promotion but then had to turn it down because I broke my leg and they couldn't hold up the class.  That interview I didn't think went very well yet I was offered the position.  This interview I think went very well and, well, keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • I bought myself a new lunchbox that arrived today.  It cost about 35 dollars, but is much bigger than my old one (that we got for free but I used for at least 6 years), which was always packed to the top.  Mostly it needs to hold ice packs and water bottles and now I'll have more room for actual food. But the increased size has me steeling myself for the 'man-purse' comments I may get.  Oh well, the smaller size was too small so I'll just deal with it.
That's all I can think of right now.  Mostly we're just dealing with the daily drudgery that we all have, especially this time of year, I hope yours is more exciting than ours.  Ta Ta for now!


Mom said...

Hi! Glad your back is feeling better. We are keeping everyting crossed that you get that well deserved promotion! Good Luck!
Weather high 60's & 70's here in the Gulf Shores. Went to New Orleans for a couple days! Fun, Fun, Fun!! Love ya!

Scoakat said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Keep enjoying your time away, I wish I was there!

delcatto said...

Good luck for the promotion!

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Delcatto! I was hoping to hear something today, before the weekend, but I'll have to wait until next week. I really want it but I'm trying not to get my hopes up in case I'll be disappointed.