Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pic Dump 38

It's that time again, time to dump all those pics I came across during my surfing that I saved just for this very occasion!  Same rules as always: Some may be NSFW, click pic for original size if different and much, much more after the break. Enjoy!
I want this shirt!
Again, many thanks to 'My Favorite Sites' listed in the right column always, and here now:
Bits & Pieces, Crazy, Lazy, Silly and Strange, I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet, Linkswarm (I still visit - rarely), Naughty Bits, and the Watcher's Web Funny Farm (just because it was one of the first funny/joke sites I found way back when I first got an internet computer).  SpaceGhetto is not listed - it is a dangerous site(s) - beware!  In fact, just assume that each of these are NSFW, okay?  Now have fun!

This is Madison, Alabama.  Certainly not here, Madison, Wisconsin.

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