Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Was & Updates

I know what your thinking, what? bullet points again!   There's just been a few things on my mind and updates I wanted to give and then there's the highs and lows of the weekend.  The weekend was, um, just was.
  • My wife's Valentine's Day gift arrived a day late, on Wednesday.  I got her a gift basket of Godiva chocolates.  She seems to be very happy with it. 
  • My back has gotten worse before hopefully getting all better.  I left work early Friday, self medicated with a few drinks and muscle relaxers, and tried to get some rest.  That evening our friends Jerome and Lisa came over to grill some food and hang out.  We had a lot of fun, but, of course, I had quite the head start.
  • Saturday was our quiet day, we ran a couple small errands and got a bite to eat but otherwise stayed in.
  • On Sunday our friend Bridget celebrated her birthday (Yay, Bridget!) with a brunch at a local restaurant for many of her friends.  It was a popular place, the food was okay, service was good but seemed slow.  It was a big party and many people were a bit late to begin with, but we were there almost 2 hours and my ass and lower back were screaming at me.  I found making conversation difficult.  I do tend to clam up in a loud environment (I can't hear) or if I'm uncomfortable, that and my insecurities.  Along with pain management I could use a brush up on social skills.  I've got to buck up and suck it up better than I have been.
  • I didn't get the job/promotion I wanted, I lost out to someone with more seniority.  All may not be lost, though, a similar position is opening soon.
  • I'm still smoking the clove cigars.  I haven't really cut down at all, but I have made a conscious effort to not inhale, and just from that I can tell the difference in my lungs.
  • And lastly, I miss listening to The Don Geronimo Show podcast but it has freed up so much time.  I can now easily listen to all my other podcasts and plenty of music all day at work.  Plus, if my position changes, then I may not have as much time with headphones on at work.
  • And that reminds me, the headphone jack on my ipod is going again.  I have a new one on order that should be here soon.  This is the third time I've replaced the jack, I think.  We've certainly gotten our money's worth out of it (it was a gift many years ago), but even replacing parts now and again, this old 5th Gen Video ipod just keeps on truckin'.  Now if I jinxed myself by saying that I'll $#!%......
I guess I lied, when I said 'lastly' it wasn't.  Thanks for listening to my brain spill all over the page.  Have a good week!

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