Friday, November 4, 2011

FreakAngels Has Ended

It happened a little while ago, but I had not pointed it out here yet.  I will miss it.  It is a web comic that I have read every Friday for, well, several years now - ever since it started out.  And I'm not normally a comic reader at all.  It was Tom Reynolds (of Random Acts Of Reality then and now) who pointed it out right at the beginning, so that was good timing to get in right at the start and I was hooked from the first.  It was also kind of neat to be there at the beginning, especially since I never got bored and kept with it all this time.  If your into this sort of thing then I recommend taking a look while it is still there.  I will leave the link on the right for at least a few more weeks until I can find out if there is a similar project coming up that I may also want to follow.

Farewell, FreakAngels.  Start reading from the beginning here.

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