Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Ahhh, my first four day break from work since I've been back after surgery. Technically I shouldn't miss any workdays until after the new year, when I get a little of my time back, or else I get my wrist slapped. Still, it should not be a problem unless I get incredibly sick, but I did get my flu shot a few weeks back. All this means is I will not be travelling for any holidays this year. I believe I stated that earlier, but if not then here it is in plain language for all to see. Last year I did travel and boy did I have a day. Nothing seemed to go well for me and I was mad at the world for it. Not the best way to have a holiday. No, now I must drone on with work and use my time away wisely, which I see as rest and recuperation and not fighting crowds, driving for hours, and smiling and nodding while I hope to not miss the game that's on. Selfish? Maybe, but I've always hated the hype of the holidays and the guilt trips to gather and gift.

While I hate travelling, we will be hosting a bit here at the house. Some of Kate's family will be here (after the Packer game) for a nice Thanksgiving meal and tomorrow evening we will be having some friends over for drinks and socializing. Other than that, we have several things to get done around the house in this time, our time.  So I guess after all this you could say that I am thankful that even with the bustle of the holiday I will have some free time in the next 4 days.

I hope you enjoy your holiday as you see fit! Go Packers!

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