Friday, August 19, 2011

A New Couch! And More...

Happy Friday all!  Overall it has been an average week for us, just a few out of  the ordinary and eventful things...

Last weekend we went out and bought a new couch and ottoman which were delivered on Thursday.  Kate has been looking online for quite a while for the perfect size and style for our small living/dining room, finally finding a new one that we both liked very much.  Before, the room only had 2 recliners and the four dinner table chairs for seating.  Fine for us, but inconvenient for entertaining.  We moved one of the recliners to the porch and a bookshelf to the back office/computer room and now we have seating for 3 more people, including the ottoman.  This morning I got it all Scotchguarded except for the ottoman.  We're not happy with the, um, centering of the pillow top on the base.  It's hard to describe, but there is a tech due to come out and assess it on Tuesday.  It's not something that can really be fixed so we want it replaced.  For almost 300 dollars just for the ottoman I expect a little better quality.  Bonus:  The pillows came with the couch!

On Wednesday I had a mobile repairman for small equipment out for my snow thrower and lawn mower.  The snow thrower has had an oil leak since about 18 months ago, so while I was laid up with a busted up leg last winter my wife used a shovel with a little help from the neighbors here and there.  I saw an article in the newspaper about the owner/operator earlier this Summer and saved it but thought I better have him out now before I go back to work.  Both machines are only a couple years old so there were no major repairs, but it was worth it to have the leak fixed, blade sharpened, oil changed and both tuned up without having to load them up and take them somewhere.

Beside all that, Jerome stopped by for a nice visit on Wednesday.  He and about a dozen or so more friends will be here tonight for our belated Strawberry Mojito Party!  This party was supposed to happen in early July after our strawberry harvest but was delayed due to my back pain, then recovery, this Summer.  So today is all about cleaning and preparing for that, with most of the work, and all the food prep, falling on my wife's lovely shoulders.  She has been good about keeping me from doing anything to hurt my recovery.  I do do what I can and my wife is still very supportive, but I hate that I can't help more yet and am very thankful for her patience.  I will try to keep the camera out so I can share some pics of the party here this weekend!

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