Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back To Work, Briefly

Yesterday I had my first follow up appointment, 2 weeks after back surgery.  This morning I took a note in to my place of work.  I walked through my area, only seeing one or two heads look up, to my supervisor's desk.  After chatting with him briefly I walked back through to leave.  It made me kind of sad.  I wanted to stop and talk to people but, when it comes right down to it, no one really cares.  There was a time and a (different) place where my workmates were some of my best buds.  Several of us would meet up outside of work and even vacation together.  Where I am now there are some very nice people but no one I trust completely or really even want to know better, anymore.  They all care about themselves mostly, and I can't blame them for that, I guess.  This is the third time I've been out for surgery in the last year so I have noticed this before, but it still makes me kind of sad and I know I will be a more closed, superficial person with them when I do go back to work.*

*Exceptions may be Cindy the guard and Keelan the receptionist, the two whom I've always talked with the most.

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