Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to Work On Monday

I had my last follow up appointment for my back surgery yesterday.  All seems to be as it should be.  I still get some tingling in my right calf and foot, but less and less as time goes by.  Hopefully it will eventually completely disappear, but I'm at peace with the fact it may not.  Starting on Monday I go back to work part time, just 4 hours a day all week, then after Labor Day weekend it's back to a full, regular schedule.  It is nice to have time off, but it would be nicer to be fit enough to accomplish something with that time off.  That is why it has gotten boring, not being able to physically do many of the things that I normally would like to do with all that free time.  In a week I can resume some light exercise and stretching.  I will have to get used to doing my morning physical therapy exercises again every day, and I may start getting on the exercise bike for a leisurely workout after my half days next week.

As I write this I have been dealing with the doctor's office and my work's HR department.  It seems my disability time must be extended for my half days next week so the time I'm not there is not put toward disciplinary action.  Work wants the notes, my doctor's office cannot send the notes directly, work must request the notes and my hospital's disability department then releases the notes.  Work should then approve it and we all move on.  I am being the middle man in all of this and it's getting annoying since I'm trying to enjoy myself on the last day in the foreseeable future I can watch my favorite podcast live.  Waaah.

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