Friday, February 25, 2011

Time Management Revisited

Happy Friday!  Unlike last week's drunken Friday night at the local establishment, tonight is being spent at home ordering out pizza.  I didn't really feel like writing, but since it has been a few days I thought there was at least one thing I could follow up on.

A few weeks ago I was worried about how I was spending my time.  More accurately, what took up so much time in my day that wasn't work or sleep.  I was having trouble getting my newspaper delivered in a timely manner for a few days and that made me rethink my time spent reading it every day and if it took up too much of my time.  What I have concluded is that while I do spend time on it every day, mostly it is breaks and especially lunch at work that I read it.  Without it, that would be empty time I would otherwise have to fill.  In the mornings I could get myself to get up as much as a half an hour later, but in the end I think this is not the biggest time stealer I have and shall continue getting the daily paper for the time being.

The biggest time stealer I have is, of course, the internet.  I have trimmed my time on the internet somewhat lately, but it's usually preferable to television to me unless there is a sports program on or I am uncomfortable in this chair (which, by the way, needs replacing).  The more I can get around on two legs the more I realize the projects that have been put on hold because of my busted up leg so I think this area will take care of itself eventually.  Especially as the weather warms.

So again I was stressed about something that will take care of itself with some minor changes, time and priorities.  I hate OCD.  Have a good weekend!

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