Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pic Dump 20: People In Animal Costumes

Another Pic Dump!  And so soon since the last?  Well, I have extra time on my hands these days.  Lucky you!

Quite some time ago I asked my wife, Kate, what kinds of pics she found funny.  She said that people in animal costumes are always funny!  So, I started saving those pics as I came across them for a dedicated pic dump.  Now, I did not do any specific searches trying to find these pics, I just saved them from my internet travels, so this post has been some time in the making.  The problem is there's just not that many of them out there, so I had to stretch the parameters quite a bit.

What follows are people in animal costume pics, people in other costume pics, animals in animal costume pics, even one animal in a people costume!  As with all pic dumps, discretion may be advised after the break.  Click on pic to see original size.  Enjoy!

Poor guy......  He must be fixed!

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