Sunday, September 26, 2010

On Bended Knee

Friday night friends came over for a few hours (and a few drinks).  That was fun.  It was the first time in a month I really felt like I was sociable.  My wife said they wanted to do that the first Friday after I was out of the hospital but she called it off.  She said I was not ready for visitors and looking back she was right.  That first 2 weeks I was not really ready for extended visits.  Anyway, friends came over and I felt kind of like a real person with a real life again for a little while.  It was nice.

I'm still unable - or too uncomfortable - to be going out and about.  Technically I guess I could do anything my wife helps me do, but I would be taking a bigger chance of losing my balance or fatiguing my good leg and taking a fall.  This should change once I'm allowed to put some weight on my healing leg and I can bend my knee again.  Even to go back to work I will first have to be able to bend my knee so I can sit in a normal chair.  Right now, if you look at my leg as 180 degrees, I can bend it maybe 10 degrees at the most.  This has to be because of the swelling.  It bends just a little then I feel an internal pressure that just won't allow it to go further.

Most of all, I miss walking.  My good leg gets tired quickly when I'm up and about and my hands are getting sore from supporting my weight when I do move.  I have 2 more weeks until my next appointment so I'm not expecting anything to change at least until then.  Having this broken leg grows tiresome, more and more the longer it takes...

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