Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Notes

Happy Father's Day, if applicable.  Just a few notes on the last few days...   

I forgot to mention in my rant the other day that we were having a small party at our house Friday night.  Turned out to be much fun, maybe too much.  The end of the night is actually pretty hazy to me.  Now, I am a drinker, but it's been a long time since I drank enough to be forgetful.  My wife and I were pretty dead all day Saturday.  Napping on and off, rehydrating, and just being lazy while we recovered.

We were supposed to have lunch with my Mom and her boyfriend, sorry Mom!  I also cancelled a friend coming over in the afternoon to help me with the workbench and shelves.  I somehow managed to get the lawn mowed that morning and that was all my back could take for that day.  I have rearranged the garage so my wife can park in there again, though.  The Garage Redo will take place eventually, but only when my back can stand it.

My 25th High School Reunion was last night.  No, we didn't attend.  I actually considered it since I hadn't gone to one yet,  but I really had no close friends in my class other than one.  We don't talk much anymore, but I know how to get a hold of him if I want to.

In a few hours my in-laws will be here for Father's Day lunch.  I'll grill some brats and my wife is already working her magic in the kitchen.  The sister-in-law with the hellion kids has already cancelled so it should be an enjoyable day.  Now, I best get up and do what I can to help my wife.  Have a good day!

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