Thursday, June 17, 2010

Long Days, Short Tempers

I've had long days and a short temper this week.  First off, my wife is taking a week vacation to use up some of her well deserved time from work.  I'm jealous, sue me.  My back has been bothersome again, and I have limped to the end of every day at work this week.  Usually it is easily doable, but the last half of this week I have the 'difficult' project at work.  The wrong time to move alot yet I have to do the most moving.  My boss is nice enough and seems to understand and he takes it easy on me.  Yet, I still feel humiliated somewhat in front of my co-workers.  Not everybody understands.

Meanwhile, with this back, I have run errands to the grocery store and twice to the large hardware store.  I have supplies for projects that I can't quite do yet all over the place.  I need to get my truck into two different repair shops (brakes and body) soon.  I have to fix the toilet.  I have a leak by the water softener to fix, a workbench to build and shelves to put up.  We will be seeing family here this weekend on both days (not a bad thing, mind you).   And the lawn needs mowing, but tomorrow is supposed to be 90 degrees and humid with Saturday similar, but with a chance of rain.

There. Sigh.  Thanks for listening to me bitch!*

Now that I got that out of my system, there is a bright side.  My wife has okayed me taking a whole week off of my own.  I don't have near as much time built up as she does, so it's a bigger deal.  I'm not sure that I've taken a whole week off since we got married, except for a few short times of unemployment - not the same.  So for sanity's sake I'm gonna do that soon.  Otherwise my vacation time will just be eaten up by the next time or two when my back goes 'out'.  So I most surely will have some unpaid time by the end of the year.  Hopefully not, being laid up in bed for days is no fun, no fun at all... and definitely not a 'vacation'!

* I should note that even though my wife is on vacation she has her own things going on.  What I have listed are my things to do.

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