Friday, June 11, 2010

Garage Project Preview

Happy Friday!  I know it's been slow around here lately, oh well.  Truth is we really haven't been doing much other than the mundane daily stuff.  Usually I don't like to post things just for the sake of posting when I don't feel like writing (though I do sometimes, anyway).

Coming up will be my garage reorganization project.  Several weeks ago I got a dozen shelf brackets for free (after rebate) and today I bought the shelves for them to hold.  (Except I have to return 2-12'  1x10's that were supposed to be 1x12's because I'm a doofus.)  I also bought a workbench kit.  I should have bought the materials and designed my own, but I guess I got lazy.  Actually the kit seemed like a real good size for the space I have in mind, so I just got it.  There will be one modification, however.  I bought extra 2x4's so I could add longer legs to the kit and raise it to my preferred height.  And doing that means I will have to move the existing electrical box to a higher position on the wall, as well.

So, since this is my space to log our projects and activities (as well as share my music, thoughts and humor), we can all look forward to how this project turns out.  Wish me luck!

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