Monday, June 28, 2010

A Quick Monday Note

Happy Monday!  It's supposed to be a great week ahead, no rain and temps in the upper 70's!

I haven't started the Garage Redo yet, but we have gotten a few other things done around the house.  The blinds came in for the kitchen and they look great - no more old lace curtains and ancient blinds!  Next for the kitchen will be wallpaper removal and painting.  And when we do that we may as well do the same in the bathroom.  Also, we removed the old bulky range hood and we have a new light to put up there.  I just have to wire it and I'll get that done this week sometime.

Tonight, though, I think we'll be heading to The Malt House for a few drinks with our friends, B & Z.  I hope you had a good weekend and enjoy the upcoming week!

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