Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tree Limb Update and More

Here's what that big ol' tree limb that fell on Easter looks like now.  I have to find a place to store it now for a year or so, until it dries out and can be used as firewood.  We received a Firepit thing last Xmas that we haven't used yet, so I tried to cut the pieces small enough to use in that.

Yesterday my wife and I got haircuts  (mine was just trimmed, no difference, really) and we ran errands and went out for breakfast in the morning. So I found time to finish this in the early afternoon.  I hadn't heard back from the neighbors with the chain saw so I just did it with my neighbor Jane's bow saw and I used my circular saw for help on the bigger end.  (We gave her a bottle of wine to thank her when we returned her bow saw this morning, she's a very nice person.)

After that I took a nap for a couple hours then we got all dressed to the nines for my sister in law's wedding reception.  They got married on St. Patrick's Day in Jamaica and this was their celebration for friends and relatives.  My wife and I got married in Jamaica as well (about nine years ago) but did not have a reception when we got back.  We didn't feel the need, but alot of people really enjoy this kind of thing.  I managed to avoid the hockey score all night so I could watch it on tape after we got home.  I'm disappointed we lost, but it was still a great season.

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