Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Cookout of the Spring

Last night our friends Bridget and Zubin came over to help us with the garden and to grill some food. The helping part didn't take long at all so there was much time to talk, eat, and enjoy what was the nicest day of the year so far - until today, anyway. My wife thinks this picture is good, she said it looks like Zubin is in trouble! I like the background, too. You can see the plants coming in nicely. We even have a first bloom! Over Bridget's left shoulder there is a small white flowering plant. We have no idea what it is, we didn't see it last year. In the middle of the pic are irises. Last year there was a large clump of yellow ones on the left corner by the drainpipe. I chopped that up and traded with a nice lady, Donna, from work. This year should be Yellow, Pink, and Purple all mixed up in there.

Thank you for your help and a fun night, B&Z! We need to come up with more excuses to get together like that!

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