Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sex Ed is Criminal???

A Wisconsin idiot religous zealot is at it again.  Thankfully there is Florida, but otherwise Wisconsin would be in the running for most asshat state for this kind of news.  A few days old, but still incredible enough to pass on in case you missed it. I've already heard it on one of my podcasts I listen to and expect to hear about it on one, maybe two more podcasts that I subscribe.  The Onion Radio News could just read the real thing and people would think it is made-up...

I'll be getting my postponed haircut this morning, then alot of stressing about what will be nothing but fun, I'm sure. Also, Wisconsin plays in the NCAA Men's Hockey National Championship Game tonight against Boston College, the team we beat for the championship back in '06.  Go Wisconsin!  I'll no doubt recap this day somewhat later...

 Have a good weekend!

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