Saturday, December 19, 2009

Updates, Bricks, and Holiday Sweets

It's been a long, somewhat trying week around here so I haven't been posting much.  I've had the 'difficult' project at work, while still trying to get my back back to feeling normal.  Not much sunlight brings on minor seasonal affective disorder.  Tensions were high between me and my wife holiday shopping on Saturday while dealing with all the people and traffic jams.  Still buried in snow and a bit more expected soon.  

Remember when I fixed up the bricks at the corner of the house?  Yeah, well somebody actually walked up, brushed the snow off the top, then walked away with one of the bricks.  The fourth one up in those pics.  Who would do something like that?  I can get the same ornamental brick for just a couple bucks come spring, but not weathered the same.  I'm just a little flabbergasted.  I try not to speculate since that just makes me want to blame our 'bad' neighbor.  It was probably just some kids and the brick is probably in the creek at the end of the block.  I hope it broke the ice and made a nice splash/kerplunk for them.  Who knows?

My wife is off to her friend Terry's tomorrow at noon to make holiday cookies and sweets with her and her sister.  Sadly, their mom died a year or two ago, but they are keeping up a family tradition.  My wife has been bff's with her forever, so its just a natural thing to do for them.

Meanwhile, I guess I get the day off.  I  will sleep as late as I can since the Packers don't start until 3:15 this afternoon.  I will clear snow, maybe wrap presents, and do little things around the house as needed, but mostly I plan on sleeping in then relaxing with the Sunday paper before football.  Maybe prepare a supersize pic dump for early this week, as now that I'm doing that as a regular post I all of a sudden have a ton of pics saved just from my recent surfings on the web.  I must be more selective in the future, oh well.

It's late, I'm sleepy.   Good Night...


Mom said...

That was pretty cool to listen to your message!! You sure find lots of new things with your blog.

See you soon????
Call your Mom!!! Love ya.

Kelly said...

I like your pic dumps! :) I can't believe that about the brick. Oh well, they must have needed it more than you do. 'Tis the season of giving. lol! Hope Kate brought you some yummy treats from her baking day! Love ya both!