Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Mike O'Meara Show is Back!

Yes, The Mike O'Meara Show is back. After being fired about 5 months ago, the gang is back at it, in podcast form. They started up again last Monday, December 7, with Mike, Robb Spewak, and newsman Buzz Burbank. No home radio station, they are doing the show from Mike's living room. They do have at least one affiliate radio station carrying the show, and hopefully more to follow.

On the down side, gone are Beth Ann McBride, Joe Ardinger, Katie Powers, and other odd personnel. But joining the show is Oscar Santana of the Big O and Dukes show, fired at the same time 5 months ago.

I've been listening to Mike (and his former partner of 20 years, Don Geronimo,) for a long time, so the last few months I've had to find other things (link nsfw) to listen to. I'll continue with the other podcasts, since The Mike O'Meara Show is only 1 hour a day instead of the old 4 hour show. Boy, it's just nice to hear those old familiar voices again!

If you're unfamiliar, it's just guy talk. Check out The Mike O'Meara Show website where a quick listen is as easy as hitting 'play'!


Anonymous said...

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Scoakat said...

Thank you for commenting, Anonymous, but.... Huh?
You don't approve of the show? I don't understand what you are trying to say, sorry.

Anonymous said...

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Scoakat said...

You're welcome.