Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Blizzard of the Season

Wednesday was spent on snow removal. Off and on all day. I did get to use my new snowblower, with difficulty. I got a single stage, so the snow was mostly three times deeper than it was designed for. It took longer than shoveling but was much easier on my back. I knew we would get this much snow occasionally, but I didn't expect it so early. I heard we got 18", 14.1" at the airport, but it seemed like much more.

I took a few pics (from indoors) when we were mostly done. About all you can see is white, though. If you're in this region I know you got it, too.

I think I heard of 8 finger amputations in Madison from unclogging snowblowers in the last few days. Wow. Even I knew to grab a stick!

So the snow beat us up Wednesday, and Thursday we stayed home (and off the roads) to lick our wounds. My back held up pretty well using the snowblower, but I had more than enough sore and aching muscles. My wife got the worst end of it. She did all the shoveling out front. It was alot of help, but her back was killing her. There was alot of moaning and groaning going on here Thursday, and not the good kind.

If you got hit I hope you got it taken care of well - kept all your fingers and vertebrae attached and aligned! Feel free to pass on your stories in the comments!

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