Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mark Tauscher is back with the Pack.

Number 65 has been one of my favorites for a long time. I followed his career here in Madison with the UW Badgers, then through all his years as a Green Bay Packer.

I recently bought my first Packers jersey. I got number 12, Aaron Rodgers. I like Rodgers alot and I think he is gonna be good for a long time. Which is why I got his jersey and not, say, Donald Driver who is getting to the end of his career. Except for a few items the last couple of years, I have never spent really hardly any money on sports clothing for myself. If I had been one to indulge way back then, I'm sure I would have had a 65 jersey a long time ago.

Now, he's not the saviour for that offensive line. Those problems run deeper than one position. Ten months rehabbing is a long time, but as long as his (twice blown-out) knee holds up -and once he gets into game shape- he has to be an upgrade. GO TAUSCHHHHH!

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