Sunday, October 25, 2009

The New W.A.S.P. album

I pre-ordered mine a while ago, then the release date got pushed back a month. New arrival date estimated November 9-16. I have already heard the whole album by now, but only once, I'm waiting for the actual cd to play before I focus on it. See, Record Companies, even though it is widely available for free online, I love the band so I am buying the cd! There still is nothing like having the product in your hands for a band you want to support!

I know Blackie's music, I have followed him since the early 80's. My preliminary thoughts on the album, after 1 listen and 1 view of the following, seem to be similar to this video review. But again, I am waiting for the physical product in my hands before I will let myself fully enjoy it.

I know I've been absent lately, post coming soon.

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