Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Petunia, Sticks and Packers

About halfway through the summer a lone petunia popped up out of the mulch. We have watched it grow all year, counting six at a time, eight and more flowers on it as it thrived. Now I believe the end is near. It had one lonely flower left this cool, windy and damp day. It will probably be the last with more cold temperatures coming.
I did say windy, and we have big trees. Here's a zoomed-in (blurry) pic of the sticks gathered from the shedding trees in the past 2 weeks or so.

Yes, last night's game was a bummer. The Pack lost 23-30 and showed how bad their offensive line really is. Good news: They brought Tauscher back in for a workout today. Expect him to be signed in the next few days. That will only help one position, however. Oh well, we get the Vikes here in less than a month! Hopefully that game will turn out differently.

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