Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving time

I'm glad we are moving over time, a week and maybe a bit more when all is said and done.

Saturday was a work day at the new house. Removing carpet is exactly what I expected it to be, one big pain in the everything. But we had some good help! Mom and her SO showed up in time for staple pulling, probably the toughest part. Mom has to stop trying to do it with her fingers, though. Without their help we would have stopped and finished on Sunday. We have been using Murphy's oil soap to clean it and treat the wood a bit, and it has been working very well. We agreed that while not perfect, they were in better shape than we expected.

Sunday we took a load over to the house then went shopping. I finally had to get a lawn mower and weed whacker, now I'm expected to use them. We also got a washer, dryer and water softener (delivery and hookup pending). Hello 12 months no interest!

And today was another load. The third in as many days. We should leave some boxes for the movers, though. And there will probably be a few things left here after the movers are done that we can take our time to move. Including cleaning stuff and the vacuum, just to make the token effort - we'll wanna be HOME.


Kevin Leifker said...

I found that BEST BUY has great household items and you can get them for zero percent for 12 months or 18 months sometimes...just go there alone. Enjoy the yard work that comes with the wonderful world of home ownership!!


Scoakat said...

We had already bought them when I posted that, at Sears, actually. I dislike 'Best' Buy, but that's another conversation. But Thanks! I get to mow for the first time probably tomorrow night! Oh boy..

kevin said...

by household items I meant things like LCD TV's, surround sound systems, small "beer" fridge's, you know, the necessary household items...have fun movin' and mowing the yard!

Scoakat said...

Hah! :)
Actually what we have fills this place well. Those kind of things didn't even cross my mind. We get just as we need, usually, I guess.