Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Eve

Tomorrow is the closing. The search/buying process is almost over! Let the moving and redecorating process begin! (Then can I relax a little?)

Well, I had to take this morning off to be sure everything was set with the house insurance. Got to work by 11, but somehow quitting time still couldn't come soon enough. We also had the final walk-through with the realtor. We got there early, and ran into the seller. Very nice guy. It was his deceased mother's house. He answered any question I had and volunteered info as well. We also noticed all the plants that had come in since we had been there last! They need trimming or reigning in in some places but we really couldn't have asked for more.

Last weekend we went down and saw my Mother, along with Sis and her kids. My wife had a busy weekend with a friend and her mom as well. I love the kids! I wish they wouldn't tire me out so g'dam much, though. I slept almost the entire way as my lovely wife drove me home and let me rest!

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