Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Thankfully, there is one day left in this weekend. Happy Memorial Day!

This morning we cleaned out the old apartment, there was almost a full load still to bring back to the house. We had just enough room left to stop at our familiar grocery chain store (sounds like Mopp's) to get meat and some odds and ends. Yesterday afternoon we tried the closest grocery store (sounds like 'Woodlands'), one of those warehouse type places, and we hated it. We pretty much stuck to our staples list, and when it got down to a few items we said to heck with it. We did find the meat department, but there was little there. I suspect they may have 2 or 3 meat departments, just judging by the size of the store and the meat department we did see. I think, as much as I can complain about the store chain that we are used to shopping at, we may stick with them and drive the little bit extra.

Yesterday morning we did some needed shopping. Some storage shelves for the basement, trash cans, and smaller things. I really like the shelves we got for the basement. I was able to make one into quite the little workbench area, mostly for the household needs. The place is quite a bit more organized than the photos I posted the other day. Not much more of that forthcoming, you'll have to come see it for yourself. Hell, if you're reading this, you know how to contact me - comment!

Yesterday, just after lunch, the guys delivered our washer and dryer. Idiots, both, though one tried to please. They should come better equipped and I let them know it.

Tonight we relaxed a bit and grilled out brats. I noticed that the need to relax has been a common theme in my recent posts. That may continue until we get our gdam psycho cat to chill with the new place. You do know that cats usually get their "crazies" in the evening and at night. Even all night somtimes, I'm finding out. Trying to get her to use the litterbox in the basement is a big issue now as well. I wish she was a normal cat, not this paranoid schizophrenic longhair pain in the rump.

Enough for now. Sorry for the back and forth timeline of this post, I typed as I remembered. Put it this way, today is the middle day of a three day weekend and I slept in until only 6:00am. I am still tired, my legs still ache, and I still have a shortlist a mile long. Tonight it is time to stop, though, and enjoy a few JD and pepsi's and ... relax....

Edit: Oh, and I mowed my first lawn today in over 20 years, I believe.


Mom said...

definitely more than 20 yrs since you mowed a lawn, I'm sure! You always loved to do it!!??!!

Glad to hear you're getting settled in. Looking forward to our next visit.

Kelly said...

Finally checking in! So glad to see pics, can't wait to come by and see you guys! RELAX and enjoy your home! :)