Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cat Settling In? Maybe a little...

The rarely seen cat! No matter if you've been to our place once or a hundred times, you have probably never met this cat. That's because she's nuts and hides most of the time.

The cat is slowly just starting to settle a little bit, maybe. We have been able to move the litter box from the living room, to just inside the kitchen, and now next to the stairs. Farther and farther away from her preferred safe spot, under the bed. She still doesn't come out too much and when she is out will sometimes walk right past you calmly or spook at the slightest thing. Almost like normal, for her, gdam wacko cat. And no, she is not jumpy because of any past abuse or trauma, she's just naturally a paranoid schizophrenic feline. That's my theory, anyway.

My wife just told me she saw the cat on the landing (down 3 steps from the kitchen, then downstairs to the right). Earlier today we pinned up sheets on either side of the stairs in the basement to hopefully make her feel more secure in going down there. The goal is to get that litter box to the bottom of the stairs. Sooner than later would be nice.

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