Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Recent Health Issues

We've been dealing with some health issues in our family recently, and for once it's not me.  First up, our cat Basil, and next is my wife Kate.

20161210_202904A few weeks ago Basil took a pee on the carpet beside my desk chair.  My wife got it cleaned up quickly and we kept an eye on him.  A week later he peed again behind my desk chair.  Okay, time to make an appointment with a veterinarian, we suspected he had a urinary tract infection and would need an antibiotic.  My wife found a nearby clinic and made an appointment.  On the day and on the way to that appointment he got so scared he peed into the towel in the cat carrier, useless for lab tests.  They sent her home with a small, expensive packet of water resistant litter and a kit to get a pee sample.  We had to get a little box for that litter, separate the cats and get Basil to pee in the new box with a small amount of strange litter in it.  Simple task, right?

Twice we kept Basil in the basement all day and twice he was out when we got home.  Both times with his brother Hamish's help, we're sure, one to unlatch the weak-latching door and the other to push the door, two cases of soda and a litter box out just far enough to squeeze through.  We were never going to get a sample like this.  Or if we did force it to work they'd be traumatized more than they'd already been.  In the meantime, every few days he would pee on the carpet again and we would scrub it up if we could find it.  Thankfully it was nice enough out that we could open the window some and air it out, too.

20161210_202935Finally, we arranged to take him in to the vet clinic and leave him until either he peed or they could extract a sample to verify the UTI.  It didn't take more than a couple hours, and even then he peed in fright not knowing those humans, but they were able to confirm the infection and issued antibiotics.  He's been on them for several days now and thankfully he seems to feel better.  He was pretty upset and hissy with Kate for a day or so after dropping him off, he blamed her and he let her know it.  I'll wait a few more days to be sure and then rent a carpet cleaner this weekend.

As for my wife, well, she's had ongoing issues for years and had surgery to correct this last week.  She said she doesn't mind what I say here, but I have my reservations.  I've had my own surgeries - 3 since I started this blog - and told my stories here but I don't feel her story is for me to tell.  Just know that she is doing very well.  Her post-surgery pain is less than she had before and she is raring to go - having taken zero of her prescribed painkillers.  She will be off work for some time yet so I think her biggest problems will be dealing with boredom and holding herself to her temporary limitations.  She is pictured in the bottom right of the pictures above, the back of her shoulder anyway.

Shedding season.


delcatto said...

Wishing your wife and Basil all the best Scott.
It's horrible when it's the people (and pets) you love going through this. I hope all is well and I can recommend on-line backgammon (non-gambling kind) to alleviate the boredom. Or take the opportunity to catch up on all those books!

Scoakat said...

Thank you, Declan. They both are on the mend as Basil has had no 'accidents' in several days and my wife seems like she's on vacation - not recuperation!

Blue Witch said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Kate.

And as for the vet - were they having a laugh when they expected you to get a pee sample from Basil? It's good that they weren't giving out antibiotics without being sure, but there must have been an easier way... Still, all's well that ends well I suppose.

I'm, busy planing for the end of the world... your politicians and ours between them are doing a brilliant job at ensuring it comes sooner rather than later aren't they?

Scoakat said...

Thank you, BW, and good to hear from you. I hope you've been well.
My wife is very well, she says thank you. And yes, if Basil hadn't peed they would have extracted a sample with a needle. He did take his -lawfully required- rabies shot well. (Hamish will have to get his if he ever sees the vet.)

As for the world, like I said to Delcatto; hopefully after our lifetime, anyway.
That might sound selfish but between the stress of my work right now and the weight of this world right now, well, I have to block some things out at the moment just for my sanity. Or at least not let myself get caught up in the details. #GoToMyHappyPlace