Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump Fire Pit

20161112_204849They say thing go in threes so, just to wrap up my little political posts of the past week, here is a picture from our fire pit Saturday night.  If you're from across the aisle you may move on, regular blogging will continue shortly.

When I grabbed some newspaper to start the fire it happened to be the front section of Wednesday's local paper declaring Trump the winner.  I used the whole section to help get the fire lit (and it went right up!) but I saved the front page for Terry to throw on the fire later, when she arrived.  Not planned out, I just thought it a bit of fun at the time.  What is odd, though, is how serious and spooky these girls look doing it.  (Children of the corn, anyone?)

None of us are political extremists and this is no veiled threat to anything or anyone.  Just a bit of fun, is all.  Thanks for the pics, Terry!