Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Scoakat's Garden, Vacation, More

I'm not sure when it happened, but my link for the garden blog is no longer in the right column.  I've re-added the link under the blog list now, no more special treatment.  I've largely neglected the garden blog this year.  Similarly, the gardens have been largely neglected this year.  I'm not sure how that site will be used next year.  We'll see what happens in spring, I guess.

Hamish and Basil, brothers from the same litter, size comparison.
This came up because I posted what will probably be the last post of the year over there this morning.  Another tour of the yard like I had posted over there a few times this year.  Spring, summer and fall, all on one page of posts.   Here's the link, if you wish to take a look.

I am in the midst of nine days away from work, between vacation and the holiday.  I've so far been working on getting the yard and house ready for winter.  We've been lucky with a very mild fall so far, but we've had hard frosts the last few nights now and the daytime temperatures have turned much more seasonable.  Still, no snow yet, which is always good news to me.  My wife's car is in the shop, today and yesterday, which has put a small damper on my time off so far in that I have been getting up early, like a normal work day, and driving her to and from work.  Still worth it, though.  I'll still have a few days I can sleep in.  I think we're just going across town for a few hours for Thanksgiving on Thursday, otherwise not travelling.  I haven't even thought of the Christmas holiday yet, though it will be here quickly so I shall be forced to soon.  As for today, I want to get out, get some food and maybe shop a little.  I really have no agenda for the rest of today except picking up my wife and getting her car back.  Nice.

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