Sunday, January 10, 2016

Attempt At Posting

I know I've not posted here all year.  I guess I haven't found anything to be post-worthy recently.  A health update is all I can think of so far.  Well, let me try a This-And-Thats format and see what happens.
  • I've still been sick, and that makes it a whole month now.  Hmm.  I don't even want to type about that.  You don't want details about me feeling poor.  I am feeling a bit better today, or trying to.
  • Packers play a wildcard playoff game today at Washington.  I'll be rooting for them to win but putting them out of their misery would be more humane.
  • We had a lot of rain during the week but it didn't melt most of the snow cover.  No chance of it melting for the foreseeable future as January has arrived in full with single digit temperatures, at least during the day.
Okay, maybe this wasn't a good idea.  That's all I got so it will have to do until I'm in a better disposition and/or actually have something to say.


Blue Witch said...

I've had a nasty bug since December 19th too. Just can't shake it off.

We had 15 minutes of snow here this morning, yippee! But all gone and drizzly rain now.

Temperatures heading down to normal for the time of year here now.

Glad we're off to warmer climes in 12 days.

Scoakat said...

I think I'm getting better now, but I've thought that before. I hope you feel better before you travel, BW.

I'm jealous but I look forward to your pictures!

delcatto said...

I hope you get well soon. Currently cold but dry here so today will be a duvet day.

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Delcatto. I am feeling better but not yet ready to declare myself fully healthy. Of course, temps below 0ºF do not help!