Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cobwebbing Comic Find

20160130_175332Last weekend I spent a short time downstairs with the duster going after the cobwebs in the basement ceiling.  I thought I did a pretty good job until I went down there for something the other night and in the light of the bulbs, as opposed to the daylight streaming in earlier, there were many more cobwebs to see.  Enough for me to make a note on my to-do list to cobweb the basement after dark, specifically.  So that is what I went down to do last night.

20160130_175510I set up my bluetooth speaker so I could listen to one of my podcasts as I cobwebbed, and as I started I almost immediately saw the corner of something sticking out over one of the air returns.  I must have bumped it with the duster enough to make it visible to me.  I immediately recognized it as a thin magazine style reading material when I touched it.

It was a comic book.  A very old and dusty comic book of Marge's Little Lulu.  A 52 Page Comic Magazine, as stated on the cover.  The pages are beyond yellow and into brown shades of very old.  The tops of the cover and first page are missing, and it has been drawn on the covers by what would appear to be a young child practicing drawing stars.

Found on the air return, top right.

The latest date I can see, due to the top of the cover and first page missing, is 1954, listed on the bottom of the first page where it references the comics this compilation came from.  We don't know the exact year our house was built, but the old toilet was dated 1947.  If I remember right, the former owner raised 5 kids in this little house.  That would be unheard of these days in this amount of space, but her mother did live next door, we're told.  The house was empty for a year or more after she died, then we bought it in 2009.

It would be interesting to know the story of how this comic book got to be there, but I'll probably never know.  In fact, what am I going to do with it?  Maybe I'll just read it and put it back for someone else to discover after my time.  Then they may wonder about it like I am now.


Kel said...

That's a cool find!!

Scoakat said...

It was probably returned by the seller for credit, due to the tops of the first two pages missing. Then someone just missed the trash bin and took it home or gave it to a kid somewhere.

It could have been there for 60 years, or much less, I don't feel the need to research further. And I do think I will end up putting it back - after I do some more extensive cleaning down there.

Mom said...

Wow! I remember the Little Lulu comic books!. I even think I had some!! Wow, showing my age here!!! Great find!

Scoakat said...

Just happenstance. In the next couple weeks, hopefully sooner than later, I will complete my cleaning of the basement and then I can post about putting it back. Not really necessary to post about it, but I'm thinking of printing out my posts and putting them in the comic book for whoever finds it in the future.

Blue Witch said...

Fabulous idea! I'm sure that will give you much more pleasure than the few bucks you'd get if you tried selling it. Love it.

Scoakat said...

Hi BW! I did put it back where I found it yesterday. Thanks for the nudge, I should post again.

Hope you are staying safe and cool in South Africa!