Sunday, August 30, 2015

More Free Firewood

This is the carnage we woke up to this morning.  Sometime during the night a branch fell, making a small mess and a hole in the lawn.
20150830 004
Although we had our big old silver maple removed this past Spring, there are still lots of big trees nearby.  It's nice to live in an old neighborhood with large trees and tree-lined streets.  But trees grow up and gravity pulls down.  My neighbor lost a bigger branch last week.  The larger trunks of it are still out by his shed.  I've got a feeling he's going to ask me if I'd like it for firewood, and if so I will take it.  You wouldn't believe the price of a small bundle of wood at the stores around here, that's why I save all this free wood.  I just hope I'm never pulling some out of my roof.


Blue Witch said...

We have similar worries about our roof and big old trees across from us.

But, free firewood is the only kind to have!

We need to go for a forest walk to find some bits for the BBQ later. Let's hope we don't meet the baby pigs daddy...

Scoakat said...

Or take a hunting utensil and have pork for dinner! :)