Friday, April 3, 2015

Just Okay Friday

Well, I wound up disappointing my wife in one of those ways that I should have seen coming but I'm a man therefore stupid blind to all hints and unable to understand the simplest gestures until all is lost and apologies are even a last ditch, lame sounding, even-I-don't-believe-me pathetic gesture.

My lovely wife wanted to spend our rare afternoon off together making a short round of our favorite bar/restaurants and have an appropriate drink and appetizer/food item at each place.  I don't eat much during the day so did not have much of an appetite when we started out, and well, my lack of appetite at the time made my wife not order anything and it just did not turn out like she wanted.  I went about it too casually and should have looked at our time this afternoon more like a date.  By not doing so, I let her down.

20150403_145953Mr. Donut may have saved an ugly fight, tonight.  After exiting our last stop and realizing how bad I messed up we were stopped in the parking lot just before getting into our car by the owner of a well respected local bakery who insisted on giving us his last box of donuts out of the back of his luxury SUV.  His name is Marv and he seemed a very nice man who was in a grand mood.  Today was Good Friday so maybe he was out seeing clients and making deliveries and some friends along the way.  I don't know why, but the donuts were delicious!  The (taped shut) box had 15 in it and you could tell by the freshness that they had been baked that morning.  After we (me) ate more than a  few and before sugar shock kicked in my wife smartly wrapped and froze half or more of them for another day.
20150403 001

I was Homer Simpson today in more ways than one.  Mmm, donuts...  Not good.


Blue Witch said...

It always amazes me how you men can not want to eat anything, until the lure of empty carbs and sugar arrives...

Scoakat said...

Actually it is a very bad habit, but I just do not eat much at work. I've been like that for years now. And the donuts came a few hours (and drinks) after we started out, so by then I WAS hungry!

Blue Witch said...

There was supposed to be a ;) on the end of that comment!

Has your lovely wife forgiven you now?

Scoakat said...

I saw it even if it wasn't there, BW! And yes, all is well with us, thank you.