Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cat Crush*

This is exactly why I looked for a larger top for the new cat tree.  Now they have it and can both fit comfortably - and they do love the new cat tree, but I still find them on the porch, on the older cat tree stacked on top of each other.  It's a good thing they are very close, being brothers.  Their third birthday is Monday but they already got their present, maybe I'll just give them some treats that day.

20150418 011

The weather has been okay and the grass is turning green finally.  Plants are starting to come up and flowers have appeared here and there.  Kate got some planting done in the garden today, see pictures on our garden site.  Still, we are going to have overnight temperatures below freezing again early next week.  I've been stressing about my long list this spring, but it is still too early for much of it.  I want to be done with below freezing temperatures before I get out the power washer.  All in due time, I guess.  But there will be a dramatic change coming for us this week, stay tuned!
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20150419 003

*Update:  The next morning.

I got a shot of the cats in their new cat tree for comparison.  They're still tight, but at least not on top of each other!


Mom said...

They have really gotten big! Happy 3rd Birthday. They seem to love their cat tree and the warmth of the sun thru the window.

Scoakat said...

Thanks, Ma! They are pretty spoiled, I blame Kate!