Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Staycation Jolly Good Fun Time

Once again I have taken some time off work around my birthday, last week.  I didn't say much about it here because I try not to advertise what I plan to do as much as like to write about what I've done.  Plans can change and it's no one's business when our home is unattended for a few days.  This isn't facebook but the thought of security is the same.

My time off started a week ago Friday as we left for this year's weekend at a rented cabin with my in-laws after I came home from work.  For the most part it was relaxing time for all - unless you wanted a full night's sleep.  I didn't write much about that weekend a few posts ago.  There is a reason, but I still better leave it alone.  In fact, bury it.  Remember it, but bury it deep.  The end.

Monday was to be a relaxing first day off at home.  The weather was nice, I got a few things done but mostly I rested, reading and watching the internet.  I did take myself out to lunch at Brothers Three.  Tuesday, of course, was my trip to see Grandma L.  It is nice to see her, I just wish it wasn't so far.   (Almost 2 hours each way.  That might not be a whole lot to some of you, but I am a homebody who really doesn't like to travel much.  For the most part, I don't mind driving as much as I just hate traffic.  Get everybody else off the road and I'll drive you wherever you'd like.  Maybe, if it's not too far.)  Still, I am glad I went and hopefully I can make the trip again next year.  I did get back to town in time to meet up with a buddy for a couple drinks up the road at the Malt House, but I was tired from traveling much of the day so that was just a nice, short meeting for a couple of drinks and some catching up.

Then the weather changed.

On Wednesday, if I remember right, it rained in the late morning and when it finished the already humid day got downright sticky and uncomfortable.  Never fear, however.  Soon the humidity fell to reasonable levels and by evening it was 'close the windows' cool.  Wednesday was wet, gray and cool and I did a whole lot of nothing but surfing the internet - in 3 layers of clothing.  Thursday, on the other hand, was not much different.  Not wet, but even cooler, still gray.  I managed to get dressed to go out to a steak dinner (again, Brothers Three), otherwise I had much the same as the day before.  Now, Friday was totally different.  Friday I said to hell with it and turned on the heat for a time.  In the middle of September.  I hoped the neighbors didn't notice, but I know some of them had theirs on, too.   There was more sun than the last couple days but highs in the mid 50's and lows in the upper 30's does not help a house keep its heat, especially on the gray days.   Contrary to my griping, these were not bad vacation days for me.  I did not have a big project lined up like I usually do, so the weather did not affect me much.  I just stayed inside and lounged, and was thankful for the opportunity to do so.

*I wrote the above two days ago, so I guess I'd just better finish this up and get it posted.

Saturday morning I spent working on the garden.  Kate wanted support posts for the raspberry plants.  I still haven't taken pictures to post on the garden blog, but there is more work to be done back there this weekend.  Then that afternoon we went out to Mazonet Marina for their customer appreciation day.  It was still cool, but the sun was out.  Next to the water with a band playing, grilled polish sausages and beer.  It would have been almost perfect but the bees were out in force, attracted by all the food and drink I'm sure.  I don't think anyone got stung but they were sure a nuisance - and cover your drink at all times so they don't get in!

Overall, I did not think about work more than a couple times last week.  Very good, I thought, surprising, but it was very nice.

As a reminder to myself, I have yet to write about getting my first ever cell phone.  I got it about 3 weeks ago.  Also, I quit smoking (again) a month ago.  These are topics for when I don't know what to write about later.  PTFO

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