Thursday, April 17, 2014

Red Green Live!

RedGreenMarqueeMy wife and I went to see Red Green perform at the Barrymore tonight.  It was a nice evening, no opening act and split up with a short intermission.  The crowd leaned to the older set, but there were younger people there.  He's probably the cleanest stand up act I've ever seen, but he doesn't need to be dirty.  His humor is more the differences between the sexes and the generations, among other things. 

Red Green on the Barrymore stage just hours ago.

It's hard to describe Red Green's appeal to someone who has never heard of him or seen the long-running 'The Red Green Show.'  The show ended in 2006 (that long ago?) after 15 seasons and exactly 300 episodes.  The Canadian show was shown by PBS stations in the states, actively helping with pledge drives and making select appearances in those markets.  If you've never seen the show it is definitely worth looking up on Youtube, especially you older married guys out there!

I actually met Red Green about, oh my, it had to be about the mid 90's, almost 20 years ago!  (He's rather small and I remember my hand swallowing his when we shook.)  I happen to be going to the mall with a friend when he was doing an appearance and signing autographs in a record store.  He was selling his new videotape, which I bought and he signed.  I also got him to autograph a flyer for the boys at the lumberyard where I worked at the time.  We put it between two pieces of plexiglass, framed it with - what else - duct tape, and hung it on the wall of the break room.  It may still be there for all I know.

Overall a fun - yet early - evening (especially at over 50 bucks a ticket).  As he says at the end of every episode...  Keep your stick on the ice!

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