Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Faster Pussycat Rock Moment

I've seen this in a few places by now, so I may as well post it.  The bassist in Faster Pussycat gets drunk and takes a header into the bass drum (about 1:30 in) then gets carried off the stage.  The bassist for the opening band steps right in and saves the day!  Pretty Effing funny, to me.  Like Taime says, 'that's rock and roll' and I hope I can give him spit about it in person this weekend.

I'm a huge fan of Faster Pussycat and will see them live - very soon.  I can't believe I haven't had them as an LLP post yet, but that will be resolved, probably this weekend.  I took video of U.D.O. when I saw them last year and it took away from the experience.  This time I will try to get some video, maybe a song, but not much because I really want to enjoy the moment rather than try to capture the show right in front of me on a tiny screen in my face.  But I do want to get something on video and anything less than a complete song is crap on Youtube.  Whatever, I'll do my best and I really won't worry about it as much as I am now. PTFO

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