Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lawn Worries and Summer Projects

20140402 001I've been a bit concerned about the spottiness of brown in the lawn since the snow has melted.  I don't remember seeing anything like this the last few years since we've been here.  It is too early for me to be very worried, though.  But there is a known squirrel den above and I really hope it is not from their droppings all winter.

I am glad spring seems to be coming now... well, eventually, but with it will come much work to be done.  Very soon I will replace the drain hose thing on one side of the house, I'm sure I'll post about it so you'll see what I mean then.  and a couple manly things to make in the garage this summer with power tools and wood.  Some screen guard 'lids', for lack of a better term, for the garden so the squirrels can't un-plant what my wife sows in the fall for the next season.  And I keep thinking about a cat box container under the basement stairs.  It would so much help the sweeping we have to do in the area.  The idea seems practical, the design is still under consideration, still a secondary project if anything else comes up.

And then there are all the regular spring things to do as with anybody that wants a respectable yard and landscape.  May all your neighbors feel the same way.  PTFO

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