Sunday, March 30, 2014

Final Four! and Superstitions

The Wisconsin Badgers are in the Final Four!

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Badgers and Bo Ryan for earning a trip to the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four next weekend in Arlington, Texas!

It's pretty good being a sports fan in Wisconsin.  I enjoy it.  Most of the major Wisconsin Badger sports programs have enjoyed consistent success for some time now, about two decades actually, to bring respect to the university and teams.  The Green Bay Packers have been pretty good for a while now.  The Brewers have a wonderful stadium and game day experience, and on the field they are always trying.  They have issues but it could be worse, at lease they made the playoffs a few years ago.  And as for the beloved Milwaukee Bucks, well, bless their heart. ;-)

I've become aware that when I post something about  a game, like 'Go Badgers', in a post it never usually turns out well.  That's gotta be my OCD.  I rationally realize that nothing I write here, nothing I wear during the game, nothing I habitually have to do every game because I'm afraid to break a streak, none of that matters to the outcome at all.  Get over myself.

I'm far from alone.  You don't have to be OCD like me to have sports traditions, or more aptly, superstitions.  I'm not as attached to mine as I used to be, obviously since I'm writing this now the night my team punched their ticket to the Final Four.  But I do have them still, but they have changed, lessened, actually, the last few years.  For all Badger Men's Basketball and Badger and Packer football games I still always have to wear my gear.  Team t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt/pants, jersey, or all of them plus more you don't want to hear about.  And I do have little rituals still, but not like I used to.  There used to be candles, statues, flags, straws and even a gnome!  Wait, I still use the Packer Gnome.

Okay, I still have my game day superstitions and rituals, but at least I know that none of them can really affect the outcome of a game on TV.  They only make me feel like I helped maybe by doing something.  Or worse, hurt the team because I forgot something, say, put the flag out.  I hate it when that happens.

Go Badgers, really, grab that national championship!

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