Sunday, March 16, 2014

50 Degrees, 4 Seasons

A few weekends ago I went to the store in the morning, like I usually do, mostly Saturday morning because it is double coupon day.  When I got home my wife asked me what it was like outside.  I don't know, I said, probably 25ºF or so.  She got out her phone and looked it up, it was 2 - Two degrees!  I had gotten so used to cold by then I was that far off.  Today is in the mid 20's and I'm freezing outside!  I'm starting to have to think about the temperature every day.  Do I warm up the car or not?  Which jacket and how many layers do I have to wear?  Snow?.. Again!?

We've had just a few days above freezing recently and my internal, um, thermometer, I guess, is thrown out of whack again.  I swear, if it ever hits fifty degrees and sunny it will feel like summer.  That's what happens to people in Wisconsin in spring.  And also why we wear shorts when people in California or similar think they're freezing to death.  Perspective.

50 degrees - about 10ºC - to me, in Wisconsin.

  • Summer:  Fifty degrees?  Never as a high, and only as an overnight low maybe early or late in the season.  And then it would be a great night for a fire pit in the back yard!
  • Fall:  Fifty degrees goes from an overnight low to a high temp for the day, when you start appreciating those warm days of summer weather that may still show up now and again, if your lucky.
  • Winter:  Fifty Degrees?!  Yeah, right.  Below zero wind chill factor sometimes.  You got about 6 months in Wisconsin, give or take, between normal 50 degree days otherwise, so you goddamn better get used to it.
  • Spring:  Fifty degrees would be reason to rejoice.  Shed those jackets and sport the shorts!  At least until the reality that it isn't quite summer yet sinks in.  It is pretty entertaining to watch the occasional 'tough guy' who refuses to admit he's chilly.  Still, fifty means we can open the windows on a nice sunny day to air out the winter stir-craziness.

Yeah, still haven't seen 50º yet....  but hopeful.  We should get close a couple times this week.

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