Sunday, December 15, 2013

How British Are You?

probably american
I read or have read several British blogs - partly because I've always had an admiration for that part of the world, the culture and the history, and partly because that's just how it turned out naturally.  (Cheers to the prolific Diamond Geezer.)  So when I saw this quiz I thought 'what the heck?'  It's a silly little questionnaire, but it was fun... and it saw right through me.

I answered honestly, but you can tell how it is stereotypical and silly, but it is only Buzzfeed.

Take the 'How British Are You' quiz here and tell me how you did in the comments.. -or not, all you non-commenters!  That's right, I said it!


delcatto said...

As British as Stephen Fry walking a corgi in Buckingham Palace. no surprise there! The answer is always tea, a pint or say sorry!

Blue Witch said...

As British as a Dalek serving afternoon tea. There aren’t many more British (or awkward) than you. The Empire is lucky to have you.

Scoakat said...

Lol, I guess we can't hide from who we are. Thanks guys!