Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Is Cancelled

Well, postponed anyway.

20131222 009
We were supposed to be in Dubuque this weekend but worries of an impending snowstorm has put that off until a future date.  The snow started about 2 in the morning, according to a neighbor, and seems to have finished shortly after I finished clearing the sidewalks for 4 houses and our driveway and bits of two others.  It's easy easier when the snow thrower is running, and it started up on the first try about a week ago.  Just guessing, but it looks like anywhere from 5 to 8 inches, depending on where you're standing.  The forecast is still calling for light snow for the rest of the day, then after a short break overnight, more light snow all day tomorrow.  Thankfully it is a light work week due to the holiday but unfortunately Monday is one of the work days.

Inside, the kitties were oblivious to the cold and snow outside, just lounging on the bed in the sunlight.  It must be nice...
These pics were just taken.  Have a holly jolly one!

20131222 013
Now flickr is being a pain in my ass and not letting me post pictures like normal, instead forcing an embed of all my photos!  Flickr must be owned by fu--ing google too.  I'm really getting annoyed at this spit.;.@*)(^($#&@#^+ *



delcatto said...

Following the sunlight around. Have they been out in the snow at all?

Scoakat said...

No, but I will hold them sometimes when I go out for a smoke. They still want to go out on the porch but they never stay long!

Blue Witch said...

Snow? *jealous*

Hope you had fun.

Scoakat said...

I don't mind a bit of snow, but it just keeps coming!
Is it March yet?